Choosing A Financial Planner

Choosing A Financial Planner

Tips for Choosing a
Financial Planner

Getting the right person to work as your financial planner or adviser is very crucial. You ought to get someone that is going to protect your wealth at all costs and also meet most of your future financial obligations and needs.

Below, we have provided key consideration points to help you choose a financial planner.

What to Look for in Selecting a Financial Adviser:

Check on their legitimacy.

First, you have to ensure you are working with a legitimate person. You ought to work with someone who is already accredited. The organisation or financial planner should already be registered with ASIC and should have a valid license from the Australian Financial Services License. You can use the ASIC Professional Registers Website to check if the potential client is registered with the body. However, you need to understand that being registered is not a guarantee they are going to perform to your expectations.

Do they advise other clients?

You should check to see whether this potential financial planner has a good record of advising other clients that may be in your capacity. Ask to speak to references, or better yet, get referrals from your friends who are in a strong relationship with a remarkable financial planner. They should lead you to the perfect planner.

Go Through the Financial Services Guide.

When planning a meeting with a strategic financial planner, they should offer you the financial services guide. The document contains information on the products and services they offer. It also tells how complaints from customers are handled in any case you are not contented with their services. They should answer all your questions and any other concerns you might be having about the FSG.

Find out who runs the planning firm.

Many of the financial planning ventures are owned either partially or fully by insurance companies and banks. As the buyer of the service, you should determine whether you want to deal with a firm run by a big company or you want to engage a small company. Most dealer groups that are independent firms are usually owned by a bank. Outrightly, make sure that the financial planner you choose has a good background and owned by a legit company.

Is this the right adviser for me?

Take your time to understand more about the financial planner. Ensure you are happy with what they have to offer. In any case, you are not comfortable with a certain financial planner; then you can always look for another financial planner to handle your financial issues. Do your due diligence to get only the high-quality advisers that will give you value for your money.

Remember that the relationship with the financial planner should be long-term. That is why it is always advisable to look for a planner that you vibe with. They should be understanding and ready to listen to what you have to say. The adviser should be your best friend.

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