Best Finance Podcasts in Australia
Best Finance Podcasts Australia (1)


Best Finance Podcasts in Australia

There are a lot of finance podcasts out there, but not all will work for an Australian audience. These are the best financial podcasts in Australia.

Forget watching videos or reading a book, podcasts are the new and best way to learn new skills, and for very good reason.

In our ever-busy lives, who has time to read an entire book on a particular topic, or watch a whole video series on it?

With podcasts, you can listen and learn as you’re doing other boring tasks, like driving or doing the dishes. 

One of the best things about podcasts though is the variety.

No matter what topic or subject you’re interested in, at least one person, but probably many more, has made a podcast about it. 

Financial podcasts are becoming super popular these days, as everyone seems to be struggling a bit when it comes to managing their money.

There’s now loads of content available to pick from when it comes to expanding your financial knowledge and improving your financial situation.

Because there’s so much content to choose from, and a lot of it seems to be targeted at a US audience, for anyone outside this area (hello Aussies!) finding the right info can be tough.

That’s why we’ve made this list of the top 19 very best finance podcasts in Australia for you to try out. 

These podcasts can teach you vital lessons on budgeting, investing, property, shares, superannuation, tax, and a variety of other topics related to personal finance. 

Finance podcasts are like having a financial guide in the palm of your hand since they cover a wide range of topics, from assisting novices through the process of budgeting for an apartment or financing a pool, to providing professional tips and tricks for conquering the stock market.

Whether you’re just starting out with budgeting or are trying to build your investment portfolio, these are the very best podcasts to get started with.

The 19 Best Finance Podcasts in Australia

  1. The Australian Finance Podcast 

Each episode of the Australian Finance Podcast serves as your personal guide to putting your financial situation in order.

Your hosts, Owen and Kate, will provide you with knowledge and techniques that are immediately applicable to your situation and that you can put into action now. 

The hosts give a crash course approach to “sorting out your finances”, and explain everything in a simple and easy way so you can quickly apply their advice to your own life. 

  1. The Australian Investors Podcast 

Owen Raszkiewicz, the founder of the Rask Group, and the host of the podcast above is also the host of this financial podcast.

In every episode, Owen interviews a different expert in finance and investments.

The guests discuss their perspectives on the market and offer advice to any would-be investor listening.

What’s great about this podcast is that the guests not only discuss their investment expertise but also their personal tales, primarily focusing on how they got started in the industry.

This is one of the aspects that we really enjoy about the show, as this creates a conversation that is not only entertaining but also has multiple layers and helps you to better understand and apply their financial advice. 

  1. My Millennial Money

Glen James, the founder of, is the host of the podcast My Millennial Money.

John Pidgeon, an expert in real estate investment, periodically joins James as a co-host for the show.

In each episode, the hosts cover a new topic connected to personal finance, money thinking, or conversations with industry experts and average Australians.

These topics and interviews vary from week to episode.

Personal finance is discussed in a humorous way from the point of view of the millennial hosts.

The podcast features a wide range of speakers discussing current events and provides an even mix of informative financial advice and lighthearted conversation.

What we appreciate most about this finance podcast is that it’s hosted in the format of an open-ended conversation around a table, and the hosts’ goals are to educate, inspire, and, with any luck, entertain you as they share their financial advice. 

  1. She’s On The Money 

This popular financial podcast is hosted by Victoria Devine, a millennial money expert and financial adviser, who loves having conversations about money that are approachable, enjoyable, and simple to comprehend.

It’s like having a martini with a very financially stable girlfriend. 

The goal of this podcast as Victoria says is to “take the fear out of finance” so that you can gain the confidence you need to make the very best decisions about your financial future.

She’s On The Money has become one of the most popular and best finance podcasts in Australia.

The program covers general investing, but it also delves into other aspects of personal finance, such as creating a budget and understanding the various health insurance options many Aussies struggle to understand. 

One of the best parts of this podcast is that it’s by women, for women (although of course, anyone can listen!).

Almost all financial advisors are men, and their tips are geared mainly towards men in finance.

She’s On The Money is helping an entire generation of women become more financially knowledgeable and makes investing and finance, in general, less daunting. 

  1. Motley Fool Money

Scott Phillips is joined by Andrew Pag to provide commentary on the Australian stock market, including a discussion of recent market events and an analysis of individual stocks. 

This podcast tries to inform you of what is “actually going on” and what you need to be aware of so you know exactly what you have to do to protect your finances. 

  1. The Property Couch 

When it comes to learning anything and everything related to real estate investing in Australia, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley are there to help, and they do it in a very informal way making it all very easy to understand. 

This podcast provides an insider’s guide to real estate investing, as well as finance and money management.

It offers advice on everything from how to win at auctions to how to select the investment strategy that will work best for you.

  1. How To Money 

The How to Money podcast hosted by Kate Campbell takes listeners on a journey through their financial education, covering topics such as first jobs, superannuation, and credit cards. 

This podcast is helpful for people who have a hard time remembering what school taught us about money, and also gives new helpful tips and tricks to managing your finances. 

  1. The Money Puzzle 

James Kirby, the Wealth Editor for The Australian, and other business and finance professionals discuss a variety of topics, including banking, investment, property, trade, politics, and more.

This podcast will help you make sense of the complex world of finance and have a better understanding of news that investors should be paying attention to.

Alan Kohler, the Editor-in-Chief of the Eureka Report, records a weekly conversation with his co-hosts Stephen Mayne and James Thomson (both of whom are finance journalists), as well as the odd special guest, in which they discuss the most recent events in the world of finance. 

This is a great financial podcast as not only will listeners receive a healthy dosage of financial news and insightful insights, but there is also a substantial amount of other content such as general news that everyone should know about. 

Best Finance Podcasts Australia
  1. Equity Mates Investing Podcast

Alex Renehan and Bryce Leske examine the fundamentals of playing the market in the Equity Mates Investing podcast.

Topics include everything from initial public offerings (IPOs) to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to risk management and investment techniques.

Hosts Bryce and Alec, both of whom have a keen interest in the financial markets, offer an approach to the topic of investing that’s both approachable and enjoyable, keeping it light to make sure you don’t get bored halfway through. 

This is an excellent podcast for people who are just starting out in the investment world since the presenters do a good job of simplifying many difficult and daunting ideas.

  1. Property Investment, Success & Money – Michael Yardney 

Michael Yardney, one of the most respected property critics in Australia, sits down with industry leaders to explore how to achieve greater levels of success in the realms of property and finance.

Yardney is committed to helping you “multiply your wealth” by talking about a variety of topics, including property investment and financial news.

If you’re looking to have more success in property, or if you’re looking to get a better handle on your personal finances, and especially if you’re keen to better understand the mindset and habits of rich and successful people, then listen to Michael Yardney.

He and the other experts will discuss how rich and successful people think and work so you can apply those same ideals to your life. 

While the primary topic of discussion in this podcast is investing in real estate; other aspects of building money and achieving success are also talked about in-depth. 

This podcast is released twice a week and provides an in-depth look into all aspects of the real estate industry in Australia.

Yardney is widely regarded as an authority on the subject of investment properties as a result of his nearly ten years of experience writing about them. 

This podcast is one of the best as it investigates the most in-depth questions and intricate scenarios about the topic of property investment.

  1. My Millennial Money Medical

While the Australian healthcare system is miles ahead of many other countries, understanding health insurance plans and how these fit into your overall finances can be a struggle.

That’s why the hosts of the My Millenial Money have made this side podcast to talk all about this topic in-depth. 

This podcast (previously known as Dev Raga Personal Finance) simplifies complex financial concepts and unpacks all aspects of personal finance for busy healthcare professionals

My Millennial Money Medical is made by SYMO interactive, the same company that is responsible for the very popular my millennial money broadcast and is hosted by Melbourne-based doctor Dev Raga.

  1. The Wealth Collective 

The topic of discussion on Pekada’s podcast, The Wealth Collective, is how to simplify financial matters.

Investing and personal finance are topics that will be discussed on this financial podcast, which is hosted by Zac Masters and Pete Pennicott, both of whom are financial advisers. 

Through this podcast, you can expect to learn valuable insights, tips, and perspectives from industry professionals while also enjoying some good laughs along the way.

  1. Finance And Fury 

Finance and Fury pick up where your official education left off, bringing a unique perspective into the realm of economics, personal finance, and growing wealth with three separate episodes each week.

In the episodes that air on Mondays, the hosts take a straight look at personal finance so that you can begin the week with the ability to act independently and make your own decisions regarding your finances, rather than simply following the crowd.

  1. Shares For Beginners 

In this podcast, host Phil Muscatello talks to people that are already successful in the financial sector so that you can learn what to do, what questions to ask, and hopefully how to avoid losing money. 

Phil Muscatello is in the same boat as you; he wants to profit from the stock market, but he finds the terminology to be difficult to understand.

Like you, he wants to be able to make judgments based on accurate information. Because of this, the goal of this podcast is to educate ourselves together on the basics of Shares for Beginners.

The best part of this podcast is that it’s exactly what its name implies; that is, it is designed for people who are just starting out in the stock market.

It simplifies difficult concepts and themes about investments and presents them in a way that even someone who has never done anything related to investing should be able to understand.

  1. Aussie Firebug

This podcast, which is hosted by a person who only goes by the alias “Firebug,” has a significant emphasis on achieving financial independence, which is accumulating enough money from your investments to basically eliminate the need to work. 

Each edition of the podcast features a new conversation with an individual who has already achieved or is on their path to achieving financial independence.

What we enjoy about this pick of our best financial podcasts is that it gives us a new viewpoint when it comes to finances and makes it more interesting by allowing regular individuals to share their stories on how they become financially independent.

  1. The Richards Report

During the time when host Ted Richards was serving as the Director of Business Development at the investment services company Six Park, he started this podcast in which he discussed the fundamentals of investing.

Even though Ted no longer works at the company and so no new episodes have been released for a while, there is still some useful stuff that can be accessed and listened to on the website.

What we enjoy about it is that Richards was able to conduct interviews with a number of really intriguing people, such as former Australian Football League captain Chris Judd and former Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner.

These people give their unique insights on how they handle their own finances, and how you can become financially stable. 

  1. Your Wealth

This podcast is hosted by Gemma Dale of NAB, and the topics covered include methods and suggestions for accumulating wealth, with a primary focus on investing.

What we appreciate about this podcast is that Dale discusses a new topic every week.

These topics range from the various tools and investment instruments available to discuss the impact that technology has had on investing internationally.

No matter what part of investing you’re interested in or what to learn more about, we almost guarantee that Gemma has done an episode on it. 

  1. ABC’s The Money

Looking for a comprehensive overview of the Australian economy and how it fits into the bigger picture of the world economy?

This is an excellent podcast to start with. 

This broadcast is a superb weekly release that deserves a download or two from every Australian citizen because it debunks economic myths and reports on a wide range of topics, including poverty, import and export, and even population patterns.

  1. The Pineapple Project

Even if the show now covers topics other than financial matters, the first season is still excellent and should not be missed, which is why it’s made it onto our list of the best finance podcasts in Australia

Claire Hooper, the hilarious host of this show, guides you through the dangerous waters of managing your money, from getting out of debt to purchasing your first house and even discussing the relationship between money and relationships. 

The Pineapple Project is a documentary series that is produced by ABC; so, if you are a lover of high-quality reporting and storytelling, you should give this one a try.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking to improve your financial literacy and make smarter decisions about money, then finance podcasts are a great place to start. 

With so many great options out there for Australians, finding the right one can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top 19 very best finance podcasts in Australia that cover a wide range of topics from budgeting to investing, superannuation to tax. 

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced investor these are some of the best financial podcasts available. So grab some headphones and tune into any one (or all) of these fantastic resources – it could really pay off!


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