Financial Planning for Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons, GPs

Financial Planning for Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons, GPs

Our preferred Medical Financial Planner for Doctors, Dentists & surgeons

Independent Wealth Partners

Independent Wealth Partners is a truly independent financial advisory practice that helps their clients align their goals, dreams and aspirations with their money. 

As they’re independent, they’re able to act as their clients trusted financial advisor without the client fearing that their advisor isn’t acting in their best interests. 

IWP works with their clients to build a financial roadmap that works for them in their own unique way which gives them the freedom, clarity and control to move forward with purpose.  

Key Challenges for GPs, Doctors, Dentists and Medical Professionals:

Independent Wealth Partners understands that there are a number of key challenges that Medical Professionals face when managing their finances. Medico clients typically highlight these as:

  • Time constraints. A genuine lack of time to satisfy their preference to research the best approach to managing their financial future. A lot of  medico’s talk about their desire to do their own research, however, unfortunately they don’t have the time.
  • Cashflow concerns. Cashflow pressures to the point where they have felt they are often left short as a result of mortgage obligations, high tax obligations and school fees to pay. Not understanding what is coming up and then not having the time to plan for that leaves many medicos stressed about money and then embarrassed that they aren’t managing their significant incomes effectively.
  • Limited earning years. A recognition that they will typically earn very high incomes, but have a limited amount of time, in comparison to other professions. As such, it very important that smart financial decisions are made whilst they are earning so well.

Independent Wealth Partners Provides Solutions

Independent Wealth Partners recognises these key challenges and is able to provide relevant financial planning for doctors, dentists and medical professionals by ensuring that:

  • Outsourced Expertise. They give their medico clients peace of mind that, even if they don’t have time to do their own research, they are able to outsource their financials to genuine independent specialists that serve only their best interests. IWP takes the time to explain to their clients and ensure they all understand their recommendations and the why around what is being done for them.
  • Pro-active Financial Plan. IWP provides a pro-active forward looking process to ensure that their medico clients are in a position to deal with their upcoming tax liabilities, have money put away for private school, have planned for their renovation/home upgrade and still have enough money put away to address their future retirement needs.
  • Benefit of Time. They leave their clients with the time to follow their genuine passions, safe in the knowledge that they are working towards a tailored financial roadmap with their goals, dreams and aspirations at its core.

Key Areas of Advice

  • Strategic Financial Advice
  • Investment Management
  • Advice on structuring your practice and income
  • Taxation advice
  • Banking and Debt Management and structuring
  • Insurance
  • Superannuation and SMSF’s
  • Cashflow and personal spending plans
  • Intergenerational planning
Cameron Howlett Medico Financial Planner
Cameron Howlett - DipFP, BBus/BComp, CFP™ SSA®
Chris Haggart Financial Planner for Doctors and Dentists
Chris Haggart - MAppFin, BSc. BtCB, Dip FP
Andrew Brown Financial Planner for Medical Professionals
Andrew Brown - CPA, BBus (Acc), GradDipFinPlg


I am a now-retired Consultant Anaesthetist, having practised in both public and private hospitals for over 40 years. 

I have been extremely fortunate to have had Cameron Howlett, now Principal of IWP, as my Financial Advisor, for the past 10 to 15 of those years.

During that time, Cameron and I have met regularly once or twice a year, both in person, and, more recently because of the pandemic, via teleconference.

As well as our scheduled meetings, there have been numerous other texts, phone calls, and emails, none of which Cameron failed to (cheerfully and promptly), respond to.

I have always found Cameron to be very easy to talk to, to give very clear explanations of his recommendations, and as a result have been able to develop great trust in him.

He has never let me down, and, despite the fact that he barracks for Hawthorn, I can confidently say that he is a top class Financial Advisor, and highly recommend him, not only to the Medical Profession, but in general.

– Hugh, retired

My wife and I have worked with Independent Wealth Partners for a number of years, starting not long after my speciality training completed. We have always found them honest, timely with their advice and technically competent, whilst the fact they are independent means that they are acting in our best interests. We highly recommend them.

– Dr Stephen Watty 

What to Expect

Your journey to working with Independent Wealth Partners begins with a discovery meeting. This meeting, which is either in-person or via Video Conference, is an opportunity for you to get more of an understanding of what IWP does and where they can help. They will ask you some detailed questions about your life, covering your experiences with money and how you think about it. They will explore your current financial situation, work through your money concerns and your plans for the future, then finally work with you to uncover what’s important to you and what you want to do with your money and your life.

Post this meeting, IWP will then provide you with their Terms of Engagement. This will include an outline of the services they provide, including the fees to undertake the work for you. As they charge a fee for their advice and they are independent, they ensure that all commissions paid to them are rebated back to clients in full. This ensures they are unbiased in their advice provided and that they are empowered to act in your best interests.

Finally, assuming you agree to work together, they will then work with you in a consultative manner to establish your financial roadmap, whilst subsequently providing you with both strategic and investment advice to help you along the way.


Independent Wealth Partners
Level 16 / 530 Collins St
Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone: 03 8393 9371
Email: [email protected]

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